Why I don’t believe in love at first sight — Mojisola Adebanjo

In a society often captivated by the romantic allure of instant connections, an actress, Mojisola Adebanjo, has said she does not believe in love at first sight.

In an interview with Saturday Beats, she said, “I don’t believe in love at first sight. I am a very emotional person, so I like to take my time, study the person and see if we are compatible, so I don’t regret my action later.”

On the factors that could make her reject a movie script, the ‘Farida’s Secret’ actress said, “I don’t think I have ever rejected a script before. However, I could reject a script if I am, I’ll, too busy or I need a break. I could also reject a movie script if it’s an impromptu shoot and the location is not close to me.”

On whether she preferred a loud wedding or a secret one, she said, “Left to me, I would like to have a wedding that won’t be too crowded. I would like to have my closest friends and family around. Loud weddings are usually crowded, and most people that come to the party are just there for eye service.”

Asked if she could go under the surgeon’s knife for a Brazilian butt lift, Adebanjo said, “I am not a fan of BBL, and I cannot do it. I would rather go to the gym to achieve what I want. I know it would take time to get results, but that is the best option for me. Going to the gym is very healthy, as it helps one to keep fit. After BBL, many people struggle to keep their shape. If not, their body would go back to how it was before.”