Implementation Of National Automotive Development Plan Will Boost Investments For Nigeria— NADDC Boss

The Director-General, National Automotive Design and Development Council (NADDC), Mr. Joseph Osanipin, has said the effective implementation of the National Automotive Industry Development Plan (NAIDP), would stimulate investments in the automotive sector.

He said with the support of the President and the National Assembly, the NADDC would ensure that the plan is made into a law.

He said, “We want that plan to be enacted, so we’ll continue to push for it, so that by the time we have it not just as a plan but an act of Parliament, foreign investors will have confidence in investing into the sector.

“The NAIDP stands on seven pillars and these are what we want to implement, these include driving investment; to boosting the market by expanding it.

“Part of what I want to do is to boost patronage of Nigeria-made vehicles and we cannot achieve that without the reportage of what our assemblers are doing, when we have them working, we would have to increase local content and meet AfCFTA 30 per cent of the local content quarter.”

Speaking further he noted, “In those days, cars get their tyres, batteries, foams, manufactured in Nigeria all these can still be achieved in Nigeria even though most industries are dead, we intend to support them to revive.”

Osanipin revealed that the agency is trying to introduce the necessary infrastructure for the manufacturing of Electric Vehicles while noting that it is capital-intensive.

“Even though it is capital intensive, we are keeping our heads high with the moving trends, we’ve to make so many sacrifices now to reap the gains of the future. We need the media to educate the public that this period of pain is going to be a very short period but it will produce gains that will be enjoyed later,” Osanipin added.