I can’t face challenges that don’t scare me — Chimezie Imo


An actor, Chimezie Imo, has been getting accolades for the role of ‘Elijah’ he played in the movie, Breath of life.

Recalling some of the challenges he faced while shooting the movie, Imo told Sunday Scoop, “I am a sucker for a good challenge. As a matter of fact, if it does not scare me, I most likely won’t do it. Reading the script of the movie, I got scared; fear is one of my biggest motivations. It was quite challenging being under water for over 60 seconds and not breathing. But again, l love a good challenge.”

Asked what helps him bring depth to his performances, the actor said, “I won’t say I possess any specific quality that stands me out from other actors. I however think versatility, emotional intelligence, the ability to inhabit diverse roles, effective communication skills, and a deep understanding of human behaviour, help me to bring authenticity and depth to my performances.”

On his most unforgettable moment as an actor, he said, “I have had countless memorable moments. Being on set working with other amazing talents and filmmakers is always memorable.

“Also, I love everybody who supports my brand. I appreciate them all for watching and loving my films. I also appreciate the female admirers.”

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